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CBT Clinical Consultation & Training

The Cognitive Therapy Institute offers a variety of training and consultation options for mental health professionals who want to advance their skills and competency in CBT.   Psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and others have come to the Institute to consult on using CBT with their own patients, for advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and for guidance in the integration of CBT with other treatment approaches for specific conditions such as PTSD, OCD, other anxiety disorders, or depression.  We periodically offer a Brief Training Class and will be offering other consultation groups for mental health professionals. 

Some mental health professionals prefer our 1:1 consultation options because they offer flexibility in terms of focusing on treatment of specific conditions or cases, such as the CBT protocol for panic disorder, or because we can then offer flexibility in the scheduling or the meeting times.  Our director, Dr. James Shenk is a Certified Trainer for the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, training or consultations with him in the group or individual format can help in the forty hours of specific education in cognitive therapy which is required to be considered for certification by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (

The primary goal of this Cognitive Therapy Consultation Group is to increase competence in conceptualization and application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to a wide range of clinical cases.  This group is designed for licensed, practicing therapists and psychiatrists and will be limited to a maximum of 7 participants.  The monthly meetings will typically include a 30 minute review, modeling, and discussion of CBT protocols for specific psychological disorders followed by presentation and discussion of participant clinical cases.  The primary objectives of this group are to develop your expertise in CBT and to facilitate integration of Mindfulness, ACT, Interpersonal, with other therapy approaches.  This course can meet the training requirement for certification by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (

Objectives for CBT Consultation & Training

1)  COGNITIVE CONCEPTUALIZATION:  Improve skill in conceptualizing presenting problems, clinical conditions, personality  patterns (interpersonal, emotional, behavioral), and therapeutic process issues from a cognitive perspective in ways that directly lead to specific, targeted interventions.

2)  CBT SKILLS:  Improve your CBT treatment strategies, techniques and process skills, developing expertise in how to:

  • Identify, evaluate and respond effectively to the most relevant automatic thoughts, images, assumptions,  and core beliefs

  •  Effectively use collaborative empiricism, guided discovery and Socratic methods to facilitate therapeutic change

  •  Discover creative, experiential ways of applying CBT that go beyond simple dialogue and written assignments  ​(e.g. rational- emotional role plays, imagery techniques, symptom induction exposures)

  •  Ensure competency with use of other CBT interventions (e.g. exposure based treatment,  homework assignments, metacognitive therapy)​

  • Understand how to design powerful behavioral experiments that can change the entrenched, maladaptive beliefs and schemas underlying anxiety, depression, or personality disorders

3)  THEORETICAL INTEGRATION:  More effectively integrate cognitive therapy with psychodynamic, humanistic,  behavioral or other therapy approaches

4)  THERAPIST-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP ISSUES (e.g. transference, counter transference): Increase sensitivity and skill in utilizing cognitive therapy approaches to address interpersonal reactions in the therapy relationship.

5)  SHORT-TERM TREATMENT EFFECTIVENESS:  Maximize treatment efficiency and effectiveness, with emphasis on treatment goals, session agendas, and treatment structure

Group Consultation & Training: (in person or via VSee)

Day: 1st Monday of each month

Time: 1:30 pm- 3 pm 

Frequency: Monthly

Location: Cognitive Therapy Institute (Note: possible transition to online VSee meetings)

Cost: $70/session (90 minutes)

Other details: Open-ended regarding when you join or how long you continue in the group.

Contact: Please call (858) 450-1101 to request further information or an application form.

Individual Consultation: (in person, by phone, via VSee)

  •  $225/hour.
  • Available by request.

CBT Clinical Consultation & Training

  To inquire about therapy or training or other services at the Cognitive Therapy Institute, please call (858) 450-1101 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you with in 1 business day. 

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